Tuesday, April 30, 2013

12 Weeks

I had another appointment today with Dr. England and I was so excited because I was hoping he would measure the baby again to double check the due date.  Which he was so nice and did even though he had a girl in labor.  Well I was totally wrong! Darn it.  But it makes sense with how I've been sick. I am not 14 weeks this week I am only 12 weeks.  Which is ok! My doc was really nice this appointment and when he was doing the ultrasound he said,"The baby is laying on its back and crossing its legs, that's cute lets print it" ha ha such a small thing to be happy about but it made my day.  Dr. England is a great guy and so nice. This is the picture of the baby crossing its legs...

Ultrasounds can be so hard to read and tell where the baby is but this one is pretty good.  The big round part is the head.  It's fun to see a bigger blob with legs and arms! 

Today the heart rate was at 154 so a little bit lower than last time but still strong and healthy sounding.  I still totally feel like it is a girl.  When I told Davis the heart rate today he said, yep i like it! Which for him means that there is still a chance that it is a boy because it was a little bit lower.  Pah little does he know about mother's intuition.  Plus its all just a myth anyways with heart rates and the way you carry. But ya never know till the doc tells ya right.  We both talked about what we want and at the end of the day we really don't care.  We've seen so many cute little baby girls and boys and we are just so excited to have a little one.  
Here is my 12 week picture..... dont judge me I know I am big already.  Shoot.

Friday, April 19, 2013

It's here

The baby bump is here! Holy cow I am in some serious trouble if I am already showing.  Some girls are like 20 weeks and barely have a gut.  Jealous of those chics for sure. But it also makes being pregnant more fun.  I am 12 weeks according to me.  Yesteday the most amazing thing happened... I felt somewhat good! I know I may sound like a complete wuss/baby but man being sick all day gets oooooold.  And its not just wanting to throw up its heart burn, acid tummy, stretching, gas(i know gross but its real life!) and then the dry heaving.  Every time I get in a car I have to have a zip lock baggie cause I will dry heave at least 7 times. But yesterday and today I haven't felt the need to throw up and I've only dry heaved probably 5 times between the two days.  I have figured out that eating healthy fresh foods is key in making your food settle and sucking on peppermints all day makes life so much betteer. I'm really excited for my next appointment which is on April 30.  We will get to measure the baby again and see how much the due date changes.  Which it could easily not change and that is totally ok.  I can't wait to find out what it is so I can finally start going shopping.  I really haven't felt the urge to go cause I feel like crap every day but now that i feel good I get more excited to put the baby's room together and shop for clothes and all that fun stuff. 

We have no clue what we are going to name this kid.  We had all these boys names that we loved and zero girls names.  Now we don't like all those boys names we had and we can't think of a girls name that we die over. I love names that have the letters K, Y and E in them. We have our work cut our for us in finding a name we both love.

Anyway here is the picture of the gut!

Oh and I think we are having a girl :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

After so many No's... we got a Yes!

Sort of a weird post title but it describes trying for a baby so well. Sorry if this post has "TMI" but that's part of pregnancy :)  I had to track when I ovulated while we were trying because I was all over the charts.  That my friends gets really old.  You not only go through the mental game of getting a bunch of No's from your ovulation tests but you also have to deal with it when the pregnancy test says No.  So it weights on you mentally real fast.  I am naturally a really impatient person so trying for a baby was killer! We tried for 5 months before it worked.  Which for me was sooo long! I have had so many people tell me that is nothing compared to the years they have tried.  Which they are so right.  For those who try for years and have no success my heart goes out to you.  I was not made to go through something like that.  I really think you people have hearts of gold and are the toughest ladies out there!

So today was our first doctor appointment.  I am 10 weeks and have had some pregnancy signs.  I didn't throw up once until after the appoinment today. Sort of ironic.  I have had major acid reflux though.  I've told Davis countless times that I would rather throw up and get it over with than have that constant acid reflux all day long. Call me crazy but it is torture. I feel totally fat too.  Which I just have to deal with because it is all for the baby but I totally see what girls mean when they are barely showing and say they still feel fat.  You just feel bloated all the time.  So anyways about the appointment.  My doctor is Edwin England and he is awesome.  He delivered my niece and my cousin's baby.  He got the ultrasound going which is sooooo cool! Once he got on the heart the heartbeat was so loud.  It's way fun to see your little baby even if they do look like a blob. For some weird reason the baby was measuring super small so he said I was two weeks off.  Which doesn't make sense cause I know when my last "Aunt Flow" was and there is no way I would only be 8 weeks.  The math doesn't work out. So I am chalking it up to a small baby that is still 10 weeks.  My original due date was Halloween and he changed it today to Nov. 13.  But I just know that the due date will change again once the baby is bigger so I'm not too worried.  And I'm still going to go off of being 10 weeks. The heart rate was 160.  Which is right in the middle of the boy and girl heart beat myth.  So we have zero hint as to what it is.  I honestly think it is a girl and davis thinks it is a boy.  But of course he thinks it is a boy. :)  Either way I love this baby so much already.  Pregnancy is one hard thing to deal with but so worth the prize in the end.  It's still weird to me to think I am going to be a mom! Some little snot face is going to call me mom.... crazy.  I'm feeling old ha ha.  Anyways here is the ultrasound! Cute.