Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bear Lake Baby

I love love love Bear Lake.  We used to go as a family all the time when we were little but that tradition slowly dwindled over time.  So totally last minuted my mom booked one room at Ideal Beach Condos... which most of you will know it as Sweetwater.  Yep all 10 of us in one room.  It was hilarious! We had so much fun and ate 24-7.  We for sure missed Devin though... he had school stuff all weekend.  Can't wait till he's done and can join on the trips!  It's just not the same to go wake boarding with out Devin and his wake boarding extravaganzas! They go a little like this: Devin being dragged by the boat on his stomach, head under water, being dragged by the boat head first feet way in back, feet barely still in the shoes of the wakebaord, still being dragged by the boat, the board creating a wake behind him as he's being dragged by the boat still! and yelling, "Cut it.... you think that's funny huh!  Cut it!"  Ha ha ha oh we love you Dev!
Here is our trip evidence!

Brooklyn didn't last long....

And once this boat ride got started she again didn't last long....
 Roger before....
 and Roger after....

 Yep Davis and Brooklyn are now buddies.

And the finale picture... doesn't get more precious than this! My mom with her two babies, Ash with her baby and Meg with her baby....even though he's in the tummy still :) 

Great 24th of July, Thank you so much Mom for such a fun weekend!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

snip...Snip... SNIP!

Pretty sure I have had long hair since I can remember.... The other night I was talking to Davis and I was so needing a change with my look.  Long hair is fun but for over 5 years?   Hm... not so much.  But I never wanted to be one of those wifes that chopped all their hair off as soon as they were married.  Pah!  Well I sure didn't last long!  A whole 2 months wow!

So I went in for my regular hair appointment and told Andrea, "Well Andrea, you get to be scissor happy today!"  This was her response, "Shut up, you're really going to do this?.... Have you asked your mom yet?"  Ha ha even Andrea knows that my mom might absolutely freak!  But me being me, we did it anyway!  Ah! Andrea is such a good hair stylist that I felt totally comfortable having her cut it all off.  She would cut a piece and then hand it to me.  Cut another and hand it to me.  It felt so weird! But my hair is so much easier to do.  Anyways here is the picture of it last night after Andrea chopped off the hair and styled it her way.  yikes!!! Excuse the retarded facial expression. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have the cutest group of friends from Albion Middle School that I never get to see anymore.  We went to different high schools so we didn't get to spend our high school years together but now we've made a bunco group (thanks to sarah) so that we can reunite!  This group of girls is the cutest, funniest, loudest, most loving group of friends.  Everyone has so much fun together and we all get so excited to see each other once a month.  I just have to give a shout out to all my bunco girls and tell them I love them and I never laugh as hard as when I do at bunco.  Some funny things about bunco:

  • Sarah yelling bunco and traveler when its not even her who got it. 
  • Cassidy's comments: "hm"....... "hm"
  • Allie's excitement.  "Bunco! Yeah!" 
  • Aubrey.  What more can I say we all can't have a normal bunco unless Aubrey is there. She owns traveler and is THE loudest person.... we all go home with ringing ears.  Yes Aubrey is a for sure must at bunco.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Over the weekend it was Ash and Meg's birthday.  There are so many things I can reflect on when it comes to those two.  They have been my biggest examples and inspiration with life.  I have really looked up to them my entire childhood and now that I am a wife and "grown-up" I am constantly asking them: how do I do this?  is that a good deal? How do I do laundry? What groceries do I buy from the store and then from costco?  how do I make spaghetti? the list goes on and on.....

Mainly I want to let them both know how much I love them and some of my favorite things about each of them...

Megan: (since she was born first...he he) 

I love:
  • Your gorgeous face... really they don't get much prettier than you.  Your hair is always perfect, your eyelashes are huge!, your lipstick is perfect and your smile is stunning. 
  • Your fashion sense.... meg always looks awesome and in the most decked out outfits.  (She gets it from me hahahhhaha) 
  • Your humor.  I've never laughed so hard then when meg pulls her witty jokes.... especially with dad. Those two in a room for more than an hour will get you a 6-pack no problem. 
  • Your kind loving ways.  Devin is so lucky to have such a patient loving wife.  You always know how to make someone feel better and look at the glass half full. 
  • Your poppyseed!!!!  I couldn't help myself :)  I can't wait meet your poppyseed. 

 I love:
  • Your hair.  It is amazing.  I want it.  It's like playboy bunny style and just hot.  Yes you are just hot. 
  • Your face...and your makeup.  You always looks so gorgeous and I'm not the only one who notices the amazing makeup.  I had one of your patients remember you and she told me she loved how you always wore your lipstick.  
  • Your character and desire to be a good person.  You are truly a legitimate good person.  You are always kind, you want the best for everyone even if you don't like them, you try to make all parties happy, and you are always making the party fun.
  • How I can talk to you about anything and you will be honest and up front.  It is a true friendship and I am so grateful I share it with you.
  • Your pipsqueek!  Yes I love her too.  She's my buddy. ;)

Twins I love you both so much and I hope your birthdays were so fun!  I know your amazing husbands spoiled you in one way or another. :)  Woo Woo!  So one more time...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear twiiiiiiiiiiiiiins!!
Love you