Friday, May 18, 2012

One Year Later....

Last Friday May 11 was our one year anniversary.  Time flies when you are having fun. It was fun to reflect on the past year of being married.  We have had quite the life so far.  We had an awesome wedding and then went to Hawaii for our honeymoon.  Hawaii is incredible and now I see why everyone says it is paradise. Then my parents took us on a cruise with my extended family which was a blast!!! We've also been on lots of other fun trips like Island Park, Lake Powell, Bear Lake and New York.  I don't think we have suffered much with the vacation area.  We got to live in my grandma's condo rent free because I have the most awesome family.  it was so nice of them to let us live there for 8 months and only pay utilities.  As newlyweds that helped us out huge and we were able to save some money.  Then we moved into my in-laws basement and will be there a total of 6 months before our house is built.  I would say that is the biggest thing in our first year of married, we bought a house! We are so excited for our house to be built.  The process will be fun and will involve a lot of Saturday drives to Thanksgiving point. In fact they are digging the hole today so we are going to go out there as a date for tonight.  Me, Davis and our dirt hole on a Friday night.  I wouldn't have it any other way. 

For our one year anniversary we went up to Stein Erikson Lodge for the weekend. Stein is a one of a kind place to go to for a celebration.  We had a sweet room and lived down at the pool.  They just re-did the pool/spa there and it is so awesome.  They have a massive stone fire place at the pool. So sweet. Then we did the usual Park City date night plan and got dinner at Baja Cantina and then walked Main Street.  Another fun thing I've never done in Park City is eating breakfast on Main Street. Saturday morning we ate breakfast at the Eating Establishment which was so good and not expensive.  All in all it was such a fun weekend.  I love Davis more than I thought I could ever love someone.  We have so many fun memories together and it has only gotten better as time goes by.  I am so lucky to have him in my life!

This was our room:
 The famous Stein Robes...

Then we ate our cake after a year of being in the deep freeze.  Surprisingly it tasted awesome! And I think it looked amazing and still just as beautiful as our wedding day.  ---funny story: we started driving up to Stein at like 8:30 Friday night because we ate dinner at Rodizio Grill and then had to still pack our stuff for the weekend.  As we got to the Parley Ways exit to head towards Park City Davis remembered we forgot the cake! You can't have a one year anniversary and not eat your cake from your wedding! So we went all the way back home and got the cake.  Which I was kinda glad because Greg had saved 2 cokes from our wedding dinner so we could have them at our one year anniversary.  So cute of him! 

Davis smelling it for inspection ha ha what a geek

Happy Anniversary to us! One year down, eternity to go! (Guarantee aunt shell is making fun of me for that line ha!)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Wow lots to catch up on! Since February we have had a lot happen in life.  We had sweet little Zuri's birthday in March which was so fun.  Katie is an unbelievable party host.  She went all out on the decor and food with a rainbow themed party... totally adorable! 

Then we went to New York with my family for Callie's graduation.  And it just so happened to fall on my birthday so I say we went for my birthday too :) We just went for 4 days but a family of Firths can do a lot of damage in just 4 days. 

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge: 

 Ground Zero

 Cute Davis gave me flowers for my birthday
 Play hard much? Between Dad and Davis I think some of the party was a bit worn out.

 And we can't forget the time walking through Central Park when a pigeon decided to mark it's territory.  It happens to the best of us mom!
 Honestly, NY was  a bit cold so this is of me and my mom in the shower, FULLY CLOTHED, getting our feet warm and eating popcorn.  Wouldn't have it any other way!
 And you can't leave our the famous Naked Cowboy! You haven't been a true New Yorker visitor until you've seen this guy.

Then at the very end of April my boyfriend came back to me! Yes Beau is back! Dev, Meg and Beau moved backed to Utah last week and we are more than thrilled.  Beau is the new center of attention in our family and lunch dates are so much more fun now that Meg can join again.  I feel like the 3 years they lived in Arizona flew by so fast! I am sad now that we won't have warm Arizona to visit to every spring break.  But I wouldn't trade it for having Megan home. Can I say our family feels whole again? Yep

This is what we were greeted with when Meg came off the airplane..don't you just want to suck on those cheeks?!

Moving Meg and Dev in...

At Callie's Track meet. Poor kid look at what his mom does to him! 
 I mean really he is such a little studly fart!

Now to the Warnocks.... Davis and I are happily living in his parents basement.  It has been such a party living with them.  Lots of people have asked why we moved out of grandmas condo and into the in-laws basement and well it is because WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! More specifically we are building a house.  We are so excited about it and have had so much fun in the building process.  I don't have any pictures yet but they are for sure on their way.  It will most likely be done by the end of August. So we will be patiently waiting until then.

I have pictures of the model home but that is just a teaser because our house will look different than the model.  So until August the final look will have to be revealed later.  BUT you can bet your buns I will take pictures of every step of the house building process.  I mean I never thought I'd be so excited to take a picture of a dirt hole!

Some other fun things we have done lately: we totally re-lived high school and got some barbacoa to eat in the back of Gus Gus (our ugly green truck) while the sun went down.  It was actually a blast ha ha.  
Then we went to Davis's favorite event that comes each year, AMA Supercross.  It was at Rice Eccles and was actually really cool. We kind of froze but it was a definite memory maker.