Monday, August 19, 2013


Last Saturday we got to go to the Motocross race at Larry H Miller's new track out in Tooele (thanks to my awesome cousin Russ!)  It was a blast and anytime Davis is within 2 feet of a motor he is in seventh heaven so he had so much fun.  He also has been dirt biking since like elementary school so of course we never miss events like motocross when it is in Utah, or when it is in Cali, Vegas etc etc oh and on the Speed channel on Sunday afternoons.

And then to top it off with a cherry my sister Megan is in town from Arizona!  It's always so fun when she comes to visit and brings us good news, like that is pregnant again! I've always wanted to be pregnant with my friends and my sisters and this year has been great for that! I have like 6 friends that I've grown up with that are all due within a month of me, lots of girls in my new ward that are all due in Oct and Nov, my sister in law Katie is due 4 days before me which is so fun and now my sister Meg is pregnant too!  Meg isn't due until April but it still counts! It's so fun to be pregnant with family too, Katie and I have been able to compare stories the whole pregnancy which is awesome for me since I've a newby at this and being due 4 days apart is just the coolest thing. We keep joking that we will deliver on the same day and both Davis and Jensen will be running down the halls ha ha.  We are also delivering at the same hospital and didn't even plan it! I still have to get a belly picture with Katie too but we do have this super cute picture from Switzerland.  Not that it shows our bellies but we at least know we were pregnant together! 

And here is me and Meg in comparison- 7 months pregnant vs barely pregnant ha ha
And here is me and my best friend Aubrey, due a month and a half apart...both having girls

And this is Aubrey, Sarah (Hammond) Branca and me.  Sarah and Aub are due 2 days apart!

Friday, August 16, 2013

28 weeks

28 weeks is such a milestone for our family because it was when Ashlee delivered her first little girl Brooklyn.  She is a total miracle.  It's crazy to think that I could potentially deliver early too and I can't imagine delivering as early as Ash did.  Well for that matter include Megan.  She delivered Beau at 31 weeks, he is totally fine now but an early baby is just so scary because there are so many things working against them.
But I am feeling great so I have good vibes about keeping Lexi in my tummy for a lot longer.  I have started getting braxton hicks and stuff like that but they aren't too bad and not very often.  I have my next doctors appointment on the 27th and I also will do my glucose test that day, cross your fingers for me.

Some funny things to remember:
-Lexi hides under my right rib ALL DAY LONG
-Kicks the heck out of my rib-or punches I can't tell which end but she is making it well known she is under there.
-She has started rolling and my stomach will go lopsided and way hard on the spot where she is
-My feet have been swollen and not gone down since 26 weeks
-At 25 weeks I started getting sick in the mornings again so I eat as quick as I can.
-Started having braxton hicks sort of things in San Diego at the family reunion-that would put me at 25-26 weeks
-I feel like my nose is swollen and has grown, super attractive
-I totally have these lovely things called stretch marks on my hips and upper thighs.... or as I like to call them  "the little shits".
-I sleep awful now at night, and keep poor Davis up because I toss and turn since I can't get comfortable.
-I can lay on my back and breath just fine but it hurts my lower back after like 30 seconds
-Almost all the people I work with like to tell me how round or big or swollen I am and that they can't believe I am already waddling.  Ok really did kindness and just "not saying anything at all if it isn't nice" go out of style?  So in response I think to myself and pretend I am telling them that at least its a problem I can fix once the baby is gone unlike them.  And I did say to one person,  I waddle because I have scoliosis and it is really painful to walk in general for me on a day to day basis even when I am not pregnant.  No I don't really have scoliosis but they deserve to feel bad.  Hormones much anyone?
-I can now tell where Lexi is in my stomach and for the past 2 weeks she has stayed on my right side under my rib.  I never felt that bad for girls who would have babies under their ribs and be constantly pushing on them to get them to move, but now I feel their pain.  It's the weirdest feeling in the world, sometimes it kills, sometimes it tickles and sometimes you can't even breath.  Pregnancy sounds like loads of fun huh. :)

This my friends is a real case of kankles.  Davis thinks its super sexy

My feet are so swollen the only thing I can wear are flip flips and they leave indents every day.  Again super attractive.