Thursday, October 27, 2011

Adventures and Ideas

Pretty much I don't have much to blog about.... its hard to keep up with those really awesome bloggers who post like every other day! (cough cough... Megan... wink wink)

 I need to get better at documenting our Warnock life.  We're still newlyweds for cryin out loud.  Which brings up a funny conversation with Davis last night.  After I got home from my hair appointment and I was sitting on the counter eating a chicken quesadilla dipped in an awesome ranch/bbq sauce I made up(at 10:45 PM mind you) .....p.s. it was so yummy which means so fattening ha! Ok back to our interesting conversation.  Out of the blue I was like, "babe we are still newlyweds!"  Davis looks up at me with the oddest expression and says, "oh great what's your new idea?"  Ha he knows me too well.  I came to the realization that we have spent 5 months really focusing on how to keep our families happy with going to family stuff and balancing between family/friends and all of the above.  Not that we don't like all of that, it's so fun being so busy with fun people but we haven't even been creating our own traditions together.  And its our first year of marriage!

So! Since I'm obsessed with Christmas, I proposed a new "being festive" tradition to Davis that will be something he and I came up with and we will look back in the years ahead and be like, "Wow do you remember when we had only been married 5 months 2 weeks and 2 days and we totally came up with that silly tradition?"  And the tradition is..... We are going to put up our Christmas tree in the first week of November! Now I'm sure as my sisters are reading this they are rolling their eyes and thinking, wow big shocker whit.  But! I love the idea!  When I was still at home my mom would have us decorate and put up all the Christmas decor the day after Thanksgiving which is such a fun memory but I love Christmas so much and want it to last longer so we are going to get to it early! And guess what, I've already found my tree! Hahaha ridiculous I know.  It is at Costco and its fake and pre-lit! Love it even more.  We wanted to get a real tree but then figured a fake one would last years.... which to Davis said, 'you won't have to drop $250-300 every year for a real Christmas tree'.  So he was in! So there is my random funny story to remember. 

A weekend or two ago we went up to Taylor Colligan's cabin with some friends and it was so much fun.  There's nothing like being in the mountains and seeing all the pretty leaves change color.  We went shooting which is so scary.  But I totally hit the clay pigeon when it was my turn.  Abbie would be so proud.  And Davis brought up his dad's Ranger which is like a huge Go cart on steroids.  It was the funnest thing! And here are the pictures.....

This picture of Brute (Brady), little Riley and Cory is so classic.  It should be a post card.  Just the boys chillin out.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Bunco

Halloween Bunco! Yay!
What more can I say about my awesome Bunco girls.  I absolutely love every single one of them.
Ali Whipple hosted at her house and since it was October she had us all dress up... Well as always I will let the pictures tell the story.

So on the left is my
asbsolute best friend
Aubrey.  Can you get
any better than her?
She is a hoot, I mean you have to have some serious confidence to pull the conehead look off & still think you look good ha ha love you aub!

By the way why didn't any one tell me how happily married I look... aka, why didn't anyone tell my I'm a whale?! 

All the girls' costumes were great! My friend Whitney (Hammond) McFarlane came as a pregnancy test because she is totally pregnant! Creative? Yes, I'm jealous of creativity like that.  Her twin Sarah (Hammond) Branca came as an ant... ha get it?  Cause now she is an aunt! Come on people humor me here.  I thought it was classic! 

Thanks to aunt shell for the cone heads

Jen Jones was an old "rich" grandma.  Now how come when I saw her fur coat I though, Oh that is so cute where did she get it?!

For those who are wondering,  Fur Coat: $15 at the D.I.! Sheesh

Dang Davis has a hot wife! The poor guy ha! 

I can't wait until November Bunco because I get to host it! Yes! I've learned since we got married that I love throwing parties at my house.  Getting ready for it and getting all your decorations in place is so much fun.  The pocket book doesn't always love it and neither does the husband but I do! So who cares ha ha.  Just kidding I'm so not a brat like that.  ....until next time!