Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our humble abode

We finally did it! Yay! We moved into our new house on Saturday August 18 2012.  We love it! Unpacking on the other hand we don't love so much.  But by now we are mostly unpacked and it is starting to look like a real house.  Decorating is overwhelming because I have no clue how color schemes and patterns are supposed to flow.  Owell we try right! Here is our new house...... woo!

Just some of the inside...

Our Bathroom
 The kitchen

 Guest bathroom

Davis mowing the grass for the first time... looks like grass from a rain forest!

And the outside....(the car is my in laws but we can dream right!)

We are ready for visitors!!!! :)

Also now that we are in our house and so busy with life I am probably not going to blog anymore.  It was fun for a year but it is time consuming and I feel guilty when I haven't posted in a while ha ha.  I know call me lame! But you bet I will still blog stalk all of you bwah ha ha! 

So adios my friends!!!