Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Catch Up

Holy hypocrite blogger! I always tease my sisters about not blogging enough and it's been almost a month since I blogged.  Life just got really busy for us since the last time I posted.  We've had all sorts of things happen.  We went on a fun family trip, we moved out of my grandma's condo, we then moved into my in-laws basement, we went skiing with my family and then Davis raced the Mint 400 with his brother and dad. 

In February we went island park with Davis's family for a snowmobilling trip. We went over Presidents weekend to the Pines with the McCubbins too.  It was a blast for a weekend where we snowmobilled, saw a couple of moose and ate like there was weren't scales invented.

My cute husband...

Then the move out of grandma's.  Wow quite the process to move. Living at my grandma's was so much fun and we might a lot of friends with the old people of Brookstone.  It was also a huge blessing because we were able to save a lot of money. So one night we sat down to talk about what to do with our future and where we wanted to live. We came to the conclusion that we didn't want to rent, so we started the house hunt.  In the mean time we packed up and put everything we own into storage. The Firth household was going to be occupied by Meg and cute little beau by April so Greg and Di offered there basement for us to live in until we figured out our housing options. So nice of them.  This is how packing a house up to move looks like.

Davis loaded every inch of his little green truck and the trailer we used to move.  Quite the site...

It was actually not a bad move because Davis did most of it ha ha ha blessed with muscles.  JK (ha I'm such a bad wife!)

Then we went skiing up at Deer Valley with my family and stayed the night at a condo.  So much fun! This has to be one of my favorite trips to do as a family. There is nothing like skiing from 10 until noon, eating at the lodge, skiing from 2 until 3 and then going home to a condo to sit on your butt! Notice the whole day consists of about 3 hours of skiing ha ha ha I'm such a wuss!

My thrill seeking husband raced the Vegas Mint 400 with his dad and brother.  They aren't extremists at all (cough cough)! I'm just glad they survived. It was really neat that they got to do this as a team.  It was a 400 mile race that started at 6am.  Youtube has some crazy footage from previous years races.  The coolest part was that this was the boys first year every racing in it and they took 1st in their class!