Friday, May 31, 2013

16 Weeks and Gender Reveal!

On Wednesday I hit the 16 week mark which was way fun.  I am still batteling being sick but it isn't as bad as it has been.  We just got back from a trip with our family and I was sick 3 times on the trip but haven't been sick since we got home so maybe I am out of the woods.... I really shoudln't jinks myself by saying that.  But I am hopeful! This week I have a new found energy.  Usually I get home from work and I just want to sit on the couch all  night but last night Davis and I worked in our yard until like 9 and I actually made dinner! Yeah I know total shocker cause I think I've cooked a whole big 9 times since we've been married.  It was fun to work in the yard too and plant flowers.  I still have yet to make a pretty planters pot like my moms.  She is the pro at those babies.  It was definitely interesting bending over for an hour to plant flowers with acid reflux. 

Here is my 16 week picture....

I had an appointment with my doctor on Tuesday and everything is looking good.  Baby's heart rate was at 146 and I hadn't gained any weight from my last appointment.  Which didn't worry me cause I've heard of that a ton, it's just so weird cause my belly is totally huge.

Now the really fun news!  On Monday we went to fetal fotos to find out the gender.  We had gone at 14 weeks without telling anyone but the baby was not cooperating so we had to go back.  Which actually was fun cause we got to see the baby twice within a short time.  Anyways the baby is a girl!

We are so excited!!!! We both went into the second fetal foto appt feeling like it was a girl cause the first one just had no boy signs even though we couldn't see well enough we just felt like it.  Davis has been so flippin cute about having a little girl.  He calls her his precious girl already and has told me about how when she gets asked to a dance he is going to have a sit down with the boy.  Oh dear I have one of those on my hands! Anyways I am thrilled and have started plannig the nursery.  Which will be white themed.  I had wanted to do Black and Green no matter what gender but found this nursery on Pinterest that I fell in love with.

I love how feminine it looks. I probably won't be able to do a mirrored dresser because they are waaaay expensive but I think white will look great too.  And it's so awesome cause while we were in Switzerland I bought a real sheep skin rug so that worked out perfect! My mom gave me her old kitchen chandelier that I will spray paint silver which will look great.  Now the real trick is going to be finding a name for this little one.  Gladly taking suggestions!