Friday, February 15, 2013


This year for Valentines we were both so busy that we didn't really plan anything.  Well at least I thought.  Davis is a better spouse than I am because he spent all day scheming and putting together a great date.  We've done a lot of fun things in our lives for Valentines Day.  In high school Davis took me to La Caille, In college we went snow boarding together, when we were engaged we went to his condo in Park City and spent the weekend playing and now we are married and we both asked the other what we planned like the night before and all we heard were crickets. Ha ha oh how things change when you get married.  But as always he out did himself and planned a way fun/memorable night and I get the loser wife card this time. Next year I am going to plan and way awesome Valentines for him.  

He took me to Barbacoas and we got take out.  I love Barbacoas wrapped pork tacos.  If you haven't had them yet go right now... seriously go now.  You'll never go back to anything else cause they are Aca-awesome!  Then we drove up into the mountain by our house in Alpine and found a spot that he had staked out earlier in the day.  He got the bed of the truck ready with pads, sleeping bags and a space heater.  Yep a space heater! His truck is super high tech and has an outlet in it.... yeah so does every car I've ever owned... not! Ha ha who thinks to install an outlet in their car?! Genius people do. So we ate dinner in the bed of his truck and looked out over the city.  It was awesome and........... freezing butt cold.  So we exchanged gifts super fast cause we were both frozen.  I got him a gun cleaning pad from Cabellas that he has wanted since Christmas and he got me Safe Haven tickets.  I went to Costco like 2 weeks ago and bought the book so I was sooo excited about those tickets. 

I am so lucky to be married to Davis.  He always out does himself in planning things for us that are way fun.  He has made my life so amazing and filled with fun memories and has made me a better person. I love him to the moon and back! Sappy right ;)

Monday, February 4, 2013


Callie told us like 6 ish months ago that she was going to go on a mission.  We sort of all didn't know how to stomach it, she is our baby sister and the only one in our family to ever serve a mission.  Actually she is the only girl on my mom's side to ever serve and the second girl on my dad's side. To say that we are proud of her is an understatment. She is servind in the Scotland/Ireland mission, arrives June 13 in the England MTC (yep she totally skips provo), speaking English. Our family is going to miss Callie so bad.  She is the funniest most amazing sister and friend I could ever have. Love you Cal-terd!

This is only part of the video of her opening it, the reaction from my family is classic.  If you really listen closely you can hear my dad yelling, "yes!" ha ha he was such a proud dad.