Thursday, September 29, 2011

Busy Busy

Ok people bare with me.... this is a looooooooooooong one.

I didn't know how else to title this post other than being busy because we have been so busy! I have pictures from all sorts of events to post, mainly Callie's life though. 

This is at one of Callie's Football games while she was  cheering.

 Callie was up for Homecoming Queen!  She was the Football Rep ha ha ha.  Um.. when in the heck did the football team get to have a rep?  Come to find out pretty much every club AND sport get a rep now.  When I was at HHS not even the girls soccer team got a rep and now they have every one from Boys girls chess club.... to football, what the heck?! She didn't win but she was a winner in our hearts!  She looked so beautiful and grown up that I had to take a step back and ask myself where my little sister Callie ran off to.  The first pictures are of her when she did the assembly and rode in my father-in-law's Shelby Cobra around the track.  Followed by her support system at those events and then we end with her in her dress for the acutal dance with her date Alex Moss.  She looked unreal! Simply Marvelous!  Seriously though when did she grow up?

At the assembly.

Getting ready to drive on the track.  Yes, my husband is a hottie.

I just love this one because she looks so happy!

And she looks like a princess in this one.

Me and my little best friend.

Me and my big best friend.

Now the pictures from Callie getting ready for her dance.  There are a lot but I couldn't help myself because she is so bangin in all of them!

At a girl, the more lipstick the better.
Notice my mom in the background making sure Callie's
hair was big enough.  Ha ha love you mom!


Look its me! Wait, what am i talkig about? My body is way hotter than this!

With her date Alex Moss.

Don't forget the ones who watched her get ready....


Yep, still love her!

Brooklyn: "Look Grandpa I'm such a diva."
Grandpa:  "How in the hell did I get this old?"

Then my cute friend Lindsey (Hogan) Knudsen had her baby boy! He is a dream! They named him John Brooks Knudsen and will call him Brooks.  She looks amazing by the way.  I saw her and thought how would it be?  It is like she literally had the baby and then her stomach was gone! 

And finally back to the Warnock's life!  Davis is in a rec. football league with his brother Jensen and old friends like Kameron Savage.  They play every Saturday morning at the butt crack of dawn (coming from the supporitve wife who gets up with him to watch :) ha!).  But they love it and Davis thinks he should be in the big leagues! Like I tell him, "Babe you are in the big leagues in my eyes", as I'm totally almost bursting with laughter because their "BIG"... "ROUGH".... "TOUGH"... "MANLY" football team plays in a FLAG football league!!! Ha ha ha ha!

We can't leave out the supporst system a.k.a. the boys cheerleaders! I sit with Katie Warnock, Janzyn Savage and Jenni (Hencie) every Saturday to watch our boys kick butt.  They are the cutest girls and we have great gab sessions.

The cutest! Little Zuri. Pretty much I lover her!

My cutest sister-in-law Katie with her two lovelies. 
I still dont know why I never get away with
taking them home, I mean kidnapping doesn't count when
they are that cute, right?

And yes people, my adorable husband has not cut his hair since May 11.... yes that is our wedding day! So at his games he has to wear a head band to keep his hair out of the way.  Stylin right? I keep telling him I'm going to buzz it bald in his sleep and then he comes back with, "Babe, Joseph Smith had hair just like me so I'm only trying to be a righteous man like him and follow his example in everything."  Um, how do you argue that?