Friday, October 11, 2013

Officially full term!

One more milestone down for us!  I am 36 weeks now and officially considered full term, woo!  I feel like you have to create milestones for yourself during pregnancy cause it is such a long process and can go by so slow sometimes that if you don't you go crazy!  I can't believe I have made it this far with out any complications.  My mom and sisters have all had high risk pregnancies so I thought for sure I would go through something weird like they did but nope totally a 100% normal pregnancy.  My mom went full term with me so maybe that is why.  All my others sisters were born way early like at 30 weeks and 27 weeks... and then there is me, the cow of the family.  Even Davis came early and was only a 6 pounder ha ha, So.... I prefer to be called big boned thank you.

On to doctor's check ups.  This was my first big check up where they do pretty invasive stuff so I was excited to hear if there was any good news like oh maybe being dilated or something fun like that.  The doc says everything according to my body is working great like my kidneys and blood pressure and all that.  Lexi's heart rate is strong and was 129 when they checked her.  I had my Strep B test done so lets cross our fingers that the results from that are good news and then Dr England checked to see if I was dilated or effaced at all and I am only dilated to a 1 and not all... not even 3%.  Ha ha yeah I was sort of bummed that I didn't have more to hear but at the same time I am glad that Lexi will get to grow more and just get fatter.  And then my doc booked me for another two week appointment instead of switching to weekly which  bummed me out too, I don't know about other pregnant girls but sometimes the appointments are fun cause you get to find out more about the baby and I was so looking forward to having weekly news.  So now I don't go in until October 22 to see if I have progressed any further. So I have to have patience until then.

I just can't believe I am this close to having a baby.  It blows my mind.  I keep wondering if I have everything ready which I don't think you can ever be totally organized so of course not.  Her room is pretty much ready to go and I still need to pack a hospital bag.  I have been so excited to do that!  Lame I know but it almost feels like packing for a trip! I went through some outfits to put her in and got so excited, I mean those little things are tiny!  I can't wait to see what she looks like too.  When I was 32 weeks I had the 4-d ultrasound done so we got to see her face which is sort of creepy cause the way the ultrasound shows her is sort of alienish and she looked really squished so I'm not really going off of those ultrasound when I picture her face in my mind.  But they do this thing where they switch back to 2-d so they can tell if she has hair or not.  The ultrasound tech started and when she zeroed in on her head she said, "Wow she has a ton of hair!  Like a lot more than normal".  Woohoo!  Nothing better than a load of baby hair to put bows in right!  I made her promise she wasn't playing a trick on me cause what if I totally am thinking my baby has all this hair and then she comes out bald, right!  But she said "No no your baby has a mop of hair."  Sweet, I'll take it! I'd love her either way but I have a thing for babies with hair.  When I was born I had a lot of dark hair and actually so did Davis.  So maybe between the two of us we can produce a hairy little thing :)

This is a picture of Davis and his brother Jensen this week when they were boar hunting in Texas.  It's too bad Davis has a hat on cause he has really long hair right now but it just goes to show you that this guy has to produce a hairy kid! 

And this is a picture of me on my blessing day so I had lost some of my hair cause I was like 6 weeks old I think and below is a picture of Davis after he was born and had come home from being in the NICU- I'm not sure how old he is but he is a newborn and has super cute dark hair!
Excuse the quality they are old pictures and I took a picture of a picture.