Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Baby Showers

Last week I had two baby showers, one with my family and one with a group of my friends.  They were so much fun! And holy cow people are so generous it blows my mind.  My little Lexi is already so spoiled and then I go to a shower and am blown away with how kind people are and how generous they are.  Here are some pictures from the shower that was held at my Aunt Jodie's house-her house is amazing and we had it in the back yard by her fire pit which was so much fun.

Then my friends Robyn and Whitnie threw me a shower with some girl friends.  It's a really fun group of girls-they are all the wives, fiances, and girl friends to all of davis's life long friends.  It was a blast and they decorated Rob's house sooo cute!  Love these ladies!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lexi's Room

When I was first pregnant and even before when we were trying I was so not into doing a nursery.  I thought it was a waste of money cause the baby can't really appreciate it it's more for the mom.  But then I got pregnant and some nesting thing came over me and hello I totally am a sucker for it now.  I was going to do all white in the nursery which I still love the idea of that but my cute neighbor Danica was brilliant and suggested adding in a accent color and she helped me come up with doing White, Silver and Plum Purple.  It has turned out so cute and been so fun to go shopping for!  We still have a few things to put in there and somehow I need to get like a panoramic of the whole room when it is done but it's still fun to see it come along.  I still am waiting to buy her rug and this cute wooden bench that is also storage for her toys.  But other than that I think we've got everything in terms of decorations.
This is the crib I was copying with the flowers.  I still need my crib bedding but I think it turned out pretty cute!

The changing pad will go on top of this dresser.  I'm in love with the dresser, it looks off in this picture cause it is made out of mirrors and is reflecting the carpet.  And this is a picture of the whole room so far but much more to come!

This is the rug and bench/toy storage thing I want to add still