Monday, January 14, 2013


Wow we are 2 weeks into the new year! And I am already wanting summer to be here.  Oh and what a wait I have ahead of me.  Jan. is just such a lame month.  You start your new diet which always sucks, it's literally freezing cold, It's always socked-in gloom and you have to come up with goals! ha ha goals are actually good to have.  Anyways we haven't been up to much.  We had Christmas with both our families which was a blast.  We rang in the new year with a party with some friends. We sold our Gus Gus! Yep that old green truck is adios! We went to a jazz game with our families which was awesome! And I started a diet.  My fitness pal is probably the best phone app out there! I have actually stuck to my diet and I started Jan. 2.  Shocker I know! I never last on diets and I end up quitting my like 9:30 am on the first day.

So at the jazz game my niece Zuri and my niece Brooklyn discovered each other.  They started playing and hugging and doing "bones" to each other out of the blue and it was the cutest!

So here is a picture timeline of what we've been up to lately...

 Beau was fascinated with all the lights at the jazz game.
Brooklyn and Zuri becoming friends!

I don't know why this picture gets a spot on the blog but owell!

I like change in my life.  My house decor changes probably ever week because I just get sick of the same old look.  The builder of our house was selling a bunch of the furniture and decor from the staged model home so I totally took advantage and bought a bunch of fun stuff! Only spent $170 too! Love garage sales. 

So this is our new front room which will serve as an office for Davis.  I got the white desk at the garage sale...
And this is our living room where we hang out the most.  I got the coffee table that was originally $350 at Pottery Barn and then that totally weird black tree branch candle holder. Poor Davis probably feels like he lives in the most weirdly decorated house ever.
That ugly black tv stand is going bye bye someday we just have to make some decisions on how we want to store the TV stuff, like the Comcast box.

I also bought this awesome canvas of a Zebra that is massive! I will have to show a pic of that too.. it's quite the site.  Davis absolutely loves my Zebra! ha ha if you know Davis you know he hates animal print... which is funny since he married me!