Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun Events

We've had so much happening lately its so much fun!  We just had a couple of showers thrown by my cute friends Brekke, Aubrey and Becca.  Love you girls thank you so much! My ward threw me a way fun shower and then we had our engagements taken.  Those pictuers will come soon cause there are a lot haha. 

Callie had her Jr. Prom... ok weird when did she grow up?  She went with her best friend and future husband Aj Brey. 

Then little Brooklyn turned 1!  Crazy to look back a year ago when this little stinker was just too impatient and decided to come early. 

Going from this....
To this...

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Ultimate Pout haha!

And then FINALLY my favorite boy cousin Elder Tyler Cahoon returned home from his mission in Ohama Nebraska.  He looks great and is so grown up!  He's like a man now it's totally trippy. 

So more fun is to come! Woo!