Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This month we have been on so many vacations to hot places I think my swollen feet might explode.  I still would rather have swollen feet in Lake Powell than at home though!  I'm getting really big and swollen so I really need to try and get the right pose down so I don't look massive in every picture, like how come no one told me that when you are pregnant you should never take a front on picture, hells bells someone tell me to turn a little bit to the side! I shouldn't post some of these pics but I am going to anyways so don't judge my sexy rolls that I know most are jealous of.

We just got back from San Diego with my family for the Rasmussen Reunion and it was a blast.  We really missed having Callie and Devin there though!

How could you not love this little fart! Seriously he makes me happy just by saying hi to me, even though when he says hi to someone it is usually just a Hi! or Hi Beau! or Hi Gampa!  I'll teach him my name someday, I mean I am the favorite aunt.

Davis and aunt Michelle rented these beauties when we all went on a bike ride.  Quite the sight eh! Aunt shell took a spill and had to end early which was sad but she is a tough cookie and ended up being ok.  Davis was just loving his re-creation of Paul Blart from Mall Cop, I think he makes the Segway look good though. 

All the men in the family played some beach football and no lie I've never seen so many old men think they still had it ha ha it was really fun to watch.  But of course my dad, two uncles, a cousin and davis all pulled muscles or hurt something else and felt so sore the next day. 

 Yep the front facing stance is not recommended when pregnant-does anybody see a beached whale?!

Also, I was pretty swollen because we drove to San Diego which is like an 11 hour drive and for a pregnant person that is quite the journey if you forgot to buy compression tights, yes if you haven't figured out by now I am totally justifying why i look so big in every picture :) 

I am 26 weeks this Friday and had a doc appointment yesterday and everything is looking great! The doc says I need to drink more water, of course, and start taking it easier on day to day stuff because I've noticed sometimes at night or when I've been walking a lot my whole stomach gets rock hard and it just hurts.  So he says I need to take it easy.  

We are getting so excited for Lexi to be here.  Davis is getting so excited which makes it way fun.  We totally fight over who gets to hold our niece Brynlee when we see her cause babies are way fun to us since we are waiting for one and plus she is super cute.  But the other day davis got home from work and said, so i just want lexi to get here.  Ok one that is so cute and two can we go make out now?  No but for reals, I can't wait to hold her and see what she looks like and be a family of 3!