Monday, January 30, 2012

Reflection on 2011

2011 was a great year and I know everyone says that about every new year but I really had a good one.  Some things to remember....

Spent my last college semester as an engaged woman. (Jan-May)
Graduated College with my BS in Communications (May)

    Went Snowmobiling in Island Park with the in-laws when we were engaged(Feb) 
    Got flipping Married! (May 11)

    Went to Hawaii (honeymoon)for the first time ever. (May)

    Went on a Cruise with the Family(May) 
     Moved into our fist home... aka Grandma's condo haha!And for the first 3 weeks of our marriage we slept on an air mattress.  Oh sweet memories! 

    Sold my Brown Altima (June)
    Bought an even uglier car... the green truck.. aka Gus Gus! (June)

    Got a new job at EPIC Ventures (June)
    Went to Bear Lake (July)


    Had my 5 year reunion! (Aug)

     Joined my first Bunco group (Jan-Dec)

    Went to Powell in October- definite First (Oct)

    Had our first married Halloween (Oct)

    Went to New York during Christmas Time (always a dream of mine)(Dec)

    Became an aunt again (Dec 26)

    Had our first married Christmas: (Dec)
    Which had some firsts for us: first sewing machine and grill.

    Wednesday, January 25, 2012

    I love

    I love so many people! Ha that sounds funny.  I was thinking about my family and my husband and WOW I have been blessed with some pretty awesome people in my life. 

    My Husband:

    He is the most amazing person I know.  So handsome, loving, fun, understanding and happy.  We have been through a lot in the many years we have known each other (let's see how many years are we at now...13 going on 14).  There have been some definite bad times and some definite good times.  Way more good times though. It's funny to look back and think wow he loved me through so many stages of my life....

    • elementary school when we were playing kissing tag at recess,
    • middle school where we were both going through our braces/ugly phase (I'm not quite out of the ugly phase and I don't think he ever really had an ugly phase to be honest ha ha),
    • in high school we experienced the high school sweetheart love,
    • we got to be each others first date at 16,
    • then in college we took some college classes together which was really fun to have as memory,
    • then he went on his mission and I got to write him for 2 years.  Can i just say something about that real quick?  Writing letters to someone you love is so romantic.  It really brings your relationship together.  It not only tests the relationship but it gives you that time away where you figure out who you are and what you want separately from each other and then what you want with that person.
    • Then he came home and we got to date for a year before getting engaged.  Dating Davis was so much fun while being in college post mission.  You have so many sleepless nights studying, going out, making out! Haha just kidding.  It's just a fun time of life to reflect on. 
    • Then we were engaged for 6 months (secretly 8 months though :) he he) Being engaged is so fun too! You start planing your life together and you work together to get a wedding planned which honey let me tell you isn't always peachy.  But he was so nice and helpful through the whole process.
    • Finally being married to him.  Being married is SO different than anyone can imagine.  You really can't know what to expect until you are actually married.  And can I just say the first year is not the hardest! I mean it's not perfect but it sure isn't "hard".  Then again we have known each other forever haha.  I can see how it would be hard if you had only dated oh 2-4 months and that was all you knew of each other.  But man Davis is the best when it comes to being a husband.  I would say the biggest adjustment is just living with someone and  having that someone be a boy.  I have never lived on my own so that's why living with someone has felt like an adjustment to me and I don't' have brothers so I was completely alien to how boys work.  Especially in the living area.  But lucky me cause Davis is so clean.  He never has clothes or shoes on the floor. I mean come on kid make a mess once in a while. And I only say that because I have at least 3 pairs of shoes throughout the house along with a pile of clothes spread around our room. Lazy much?

    I mean how do you not love a kid like this! Ha ha he was totally amusing me in California by going to the beach everyday (which he hates because it just too hot for him) and by caring all my beach crap. Yep umbrella, chairs, rolling cooler and a back pack (learned it all from my mom)

    He is just so loving and caring it blows my mind.  He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is so forgiving and understanding of people's situations. 

    To say that I am soooo completely in love with Davis is an understatement.  He is one in a million.

    I also love my family. They are the greatest.  I have the funnest sisters and the coolest parents.  I have had the best childhood because of all the fun memories I have with this group of people. (we just missing Dev!)

    It is weird to grow up.  I was going through some old family photos on Sunday at my mom's and I just have to laugh.  The clothing style and hair style is so different now a days.  Just to give you a sample... (sisters don't kill me)

    The Firths girls went from this....

    To this.... 

    I have such pretty sisters.  The twins are like play boy bunnies.  Seriously why are they so hot? It is hard to follow such pretty human beings! And Callie my heck she is so grown up.  She used to by my little annoying fart of a sister and now she is this woman with a rockin bod and a gorgeous face.  It makes me sad to see my family grow up :( I mean just yesterday I was playing teacher with this little girl.....

    And now she is applying to colleges! How did life go by so fast? I just want to push pause for like 2 years and enjoy everything!

    I also love my mom

    She is such a fun person.  Not only is she so beautiful on the outside but she is good.  Just a good person, solid to the core. She is a great best friend.  I know that because she is honest and that is what you want in a best friend.  I mean that wasn't always a good thing, like on those days when my hair was just not working and looked like Albert Einstein and my outfit was a bit too tight (meaning weight gain was not my best friend ha!) she would say something like, "um are you going to wear that today?" or "um have you finished your hair yet?"  Ha ha ha my sisters can attest to those type of questions.  Or this famous one "Do you have your eye liner on yet?" At least she told me right?! And the truthful questions always start with "Um" so when you hear "um" run for your life! . :) ha ha she makes me laugh.

    And I love love love my dad....
     Yeah this picture is super old but it says so much about how cool my dad is.  He loves his girls.  Well he got stuck with 4 daughters so he better love us all. :) This picture is at Lake Powell.  Just shows you how much fun he is.  He has been taking all of us to crazy places for as long as i can remember.  I mean Callie is like not even a year old here. Isn't she the cutest in this picture! My dad is the most caring guy.  He always makes you feel so good in a bad situation and he is the most logical thinker. And he is always wanting us girls to have fun whether that means throwing a super bowl party at his house or taking us all to New York. Either way he gets it done.  You know what they say about dads, they are always the first man to steal their daughters hearts. 

    So this was totally a huge long post of random pictures but I guess you could say I'm in a time of reflection.  I love my family and I am so glad I get to be with them forever. 

    Tuesday, January 17, 2012


    I don't have much to write about today but I just want to post something ya know.  Because someday I think I will print my whole blog and get it put into a book so it can be a journal.  Writing in a journal is way to tedious for my hands. Life has slowed down a bit now that Beau is doing better.  Ash is throwing a baby shower for Meg next Saturday and I get to help decorate! Can't wait! I think I will put my sewing machine together and see if I can actually make something for the shower! That would be awesome!

    Davis and I have been doing all sorts of projects.  We did quite the change to our kitchen at Grandma's condo.  I saw this Giani paint kit on the Internet where you can make your counter tops look like real granite.  Here is the product!

    Then once the primer was on:

    The first section:

    And the finaleee!

    I am glad it stayed light and didn't change the look of the kitchen entirely.  But I think it was a good, clean change for grandma's. But as for projects I think that one will keep me projected-out for awhile.  At least with paint. 

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012


    You know what, my sisters keep having kids and with every baby they pop out I ask my self again, "How is it you love these kiddos so much when they aren't even yours?"  I can only imagine what the love feels like when the kid is really your own.  I imagine how my niece and nephew's life will be when they grow up and what trials they will go through.  My hearts aches for both of them knowing at some point in life they will go through disapointment, heart break, guilt or even sadness.  But then there is the happier end of the spectrum like falling in love, graduating college, having lots of friends and other stuff like that. 

    Sunday night before Beau had his next head scan, we as a family (Firths + Blands + Gardners) went to he hosptial to give him a blessing. Griff was the only Bland boy present so he started the blessing off.  As soon as all the men were gathered around Beau, having their hands on each other backs, heads down and one finger placed so lightly on his head, the tears came.  I took a picture which is probably againts the rules in a blessing but it was one of those moments you don't want to forget. I was so proud of Davis, Roger, my dad and Griff for being worthy to give Beau that blessing.  Totally cried!

    Preemie babies are quite the experience.  It is a constant roller coaster of emotions.  One second you think that little baby is way ahead of the game and the next second his/her sats are so bad you wonder if he/she can get through the night. And these kids aren't even mine! I have to hand it go my sisters who both have had a preemie baby now.  And to my mom and dad who experienced having 3 preemie babies. I hope I never have to go through this.  Well I probably won't since I was the only fat tard that made it to my due date. Yep I stayed in the cooker so I've been named the "normal" child from my mom since I was litle. BIG girl was a good girl!

    I can't wait for this little guy to be home so we can all hold him and love him.

    He is such a tiny little squirt ha ha.