Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Abbigail says I do....

Yesterday my cousin Abbie got married.  I must say she is the prettiest bride I have ever seen.  Her colors were amazing and her dress was unbeleivable.  She looked simply stunning.  We went to her wedding dinner Monday night at the Joseph Smith memorial building.  Best food I've had in a long time! Then yesterday they got married in the Salt Lake Temple and had their reception at This is the Place.  It was so much fun to be a bridesmaid! I don't have any pictures of the bridesmaids but I do of Abbie in her dress.  So there will be more to come! I'm so happy for her and John, they are perfect for each other.  It is so fun to see someone you love so happy. 

Had to get a picture of my best friend.  She was so stinking cute! That skirt was a great purchase.
And you can see cute preg meg in the background.  Meg looks amazing! You look at her from behind and can't even tell she is pregnant! So unfair! She has the perfect little baby basketball.

This is her anticipation look for abbie and john coming out of the temple. 

And the bride and groom! So gorgeous!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November Bunco... Whitney Style a.k.a Christmas mood!

I finally got to host Bunco! It was so much fun to get everything ready and then have the girls over.  Seriously I love my group of bunco friends.  They are so funny and energetic.  Since my bunco was in November I decided to make a Thanksgiving dinner.  Which was so scary! I have never even made mashed potatoes before let alone a flipping Gobble Gobble turkey! I think my mom and Ashlee were ready to pull there hair out after my 15th call asking how you make mashed potatoes or how you make a flippin turkey.  Which you don't even make one, all you do is cook it! Real rocket science Whit. 

Pretty sure this is how my day went...
9am.... "Ash when should I put the turkey in the oven?"
9:30am.... "Mom how do I even cook a turkey?"
11am.... "Mom how do I make a turkey taste good?"  answer! Put butter on top of the turkey to melt while it cooks.  Butter is always the answer :)
11:15 am.... "Ash, how long do I boil the potatoes to make mashed potatoes?"
11:30am.... "Ash, will you come early to make sure I don't ruin my mashed potatoes?"
12:00am..."Mom I need help cleaning out the turkey! (As I'm gagging while pulling the guts out.)
1:00pm... Thought to self.....'Let's go to KCF and just get chicken and we'll tell the girls that the Turkey RAN AWAY!!!'

I'm sure your imagination can finish the rest of my conversations through out the day.  I learned from my mom that to make a good turkey you put it in the turkey bag.  Before you close it off pour a can of Chicken Broth over it.  Yes the whole can so it can cook in the juice.  Salt and Pepper it.  Then cut a half of a cube of butter into 4 squares and put it on top of the turkey to make it melt over the turkey when cooking.  Then all that juice is saved to use for the gravy.  Way good!  

I think my turkey ended up turning out really pretty!

We had quite the feast for dinner.  We had turkey, homemade stuffing (thanks mom for the recipe), mashed potatoes (yep! I figured it out!), rolls (thanks ash, they were unreal!), salad and then of course desert! We had pumpkin sugar cookies and churro cupcakes.  Super yum! Here is the smorgishborge...

It was even more fun to have all of my Christmas decor up for bunco.  My friends weren't surprised at all because they know me too well.  I took some pictures of the decorations but they are so much prettier in person.  Love love love Christmas.  I think I decorate like my mom.  She always has had garland since I can remember with big red bows at the bottom of the railings.  Which I have always loved.  So I totally copied her and then my aunt shell hung big ornaments from her chandelier one year and it was the cutest thing I've ever seen.  So I copied her too.  Grandma would be proud to see what her condo looks like right now. Hm.. maybe I should get a pinterest account!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Our first Halloween as a married couple was awesome! I made pumpkin sugar cookies with orange frosting, we carved pumpkins, went to a haunted house, and then played with the families. The haunted house was actually really lame and not scary.  We waited in line for 2.5 hours and we were super disappointed.  So other than that being a bust it was a way fun holiday. 

Friends at the haunted house.....

The boys were so sick of standing that they sat in the dirt while waiting in line.

Sunday we carved pumpkins....

Then on Halloween day we dressed up at work which was so funny.  And the guys brought all their cute little kiddies.

Ash brought Brooklyn in to get some candy and have you ever seen a cuter kitty?

Then after work we went over to Warnocks for soup and partying.  Kapri and Zurik were sooooo cute! Kapri was a little witch and Zuri was a disco/flower girl.  It was so much fun to watch Kapri trick or treat.  She loved it! And then Greg thought it would be funny to dress Dozer to match Davis.  So.... Davis and Dozer were rugby players. 

All together it was a way fun Halloween.  It was great to be with family and friends. 
And for all of you who know me so well..... the answer to your question is YES! I took down Halloween last night and Christmas is already up! You better believe it!

Go utes!

Go Utes!

The utes played Oregon State last weekend and we beat them! yay! Finally ha ha.  Davis and I got to sit in the scholarship box, thanks to my dad.  It was so fun to be up there and get fed the whole game.... not that it does any good for this growing tire I have around my waist.  Santa do you need a sub this year? Cause I'm lookin like I can play the part! Ha ha!

P.S. Don't ride Harleys to a Utah game in October uless you want to freeze.  This is us on the bike just freezing our butts off.