Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Extravaganzas!

Warning: Lots of pictures to follow

Where to begin! This December has felt like we were stuck in a mad house.  Christams time is always so busy anyways but now that we are married it's like the busy feeling just doubled.  Not that that is a bad thing. :)  For Christams this year my in-laws took us to New York for 5 days.  Uh... Shut up! My favorite place ever at my favorite time of year with some of my favorite people! We seriously played non-stop and Greg and Diane completely spoiled us.  I think I gained at least 8 pounds from all the food we ate.  The broadway plays we saw were Spiderman, Lion King and the Rocketts.  Lion King was my favorite.  Holy cow the music was so good and the props were amazing.  I would hate to be the one that had to make all the props and costumes.  Poor buggers. Some of my favorte things from the trip were: Lion King, Walking the Brooklyn Bridge, A carriage ride through Central Park, buying a game from FAO Schwartz just to say we have something from the gretaest toy store ever, ice skating at Rockefeller Center, Going to an NFL game, buying a pair ofpants that were super on sale from Saks and 5th Ave, Seeing the famous Rockefeller Tree, Seeing the 9/11 memorial, eating hot dogs off the street at midnight and of course the shopping!

Yep huge Christams Ornaments

Sitting in Time Square at 2:30am

This is the famous Saks 5th Ave!

At Lion King

Rockefeller Ice Skating!
Yeah pretty sure Diane is planking on the Empire State Building.  The Bland family will appreciate this one.

Very focused on the game

Jens and KT

Go Giants!

So tired after a long cold day

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

9/11 Memorial

At the Rocketts

Jens and Davis chillin at The Plaza

Planking the Guggenheim. 

At the Guggenheim

On the boat to the Statue of Liberty.  It was freezing butt cold!
Then we had quite a surprise as a Christmas Present....
Presenting Beau Bland!

This is how Meg's day started out on Christmas Day.

And... this is her later that night.

Meg went into pre-term labor.  She hadn't been feeling good since Christmas Eve and when we were all eating dinner at my mom's she kept having pains.  So Dev started timing them and what do you know, they were coming every 4-5 min.  So she was having contractions and after about an hour went into IMC on 5300 S.  When she got there she was dialated to a 3 and 80% effaced.  So they tried for awhile to get her to stop in her labor but by midnight she was at a 4.  So they gave her an epideral.  The next day I woke up frantic at 10am thinking I had missed the birth but after talking to Meg I learned that she was still at a 4 because of the epideral.  They were going to take her off to see if anything would happen and by around noon she was at a 7.  So we all ran over there and the baby finally came at 6:53pm.  Love him already and can't wait to spoil him! He was bigger than we all thought.  He weighed 4.11lbs and was 17.75" long.  They named him Beau Scott Bland.  Love the name!

The support group

This just so breaks my heart

Delivery Day

Cute parents

Proud Daddy

He was trying to open his eyes here but the goop wasn't allowing it.

Now Beau and Brooklyn have some things in common...
both their names start with a B and they both came early!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

EPIC Christmas Party

I don't think I have even posted about my new job.  In June I started working for a Venture Capital company called EPIC Ventures as there Office Manager.  Yep Whit has a big girl job now.  It's a great group of guys to work for and I have grown to love my job.  In the beginning it was scary/intimidating becuase they are all very smart guys and it was all new to me.  But I've been here 6 months now and I have the hang of things! At least I think so. But any way we just had our Christmas party up at Gorgoza Park and it was a blast! 
Davis with two guys I work with.


When I thought about doing any December posts I had thought that maybe I should wait until after all the Christmas parties.... but then I thought... hm, I'll never post all the picutres when i see them pile up.  So I'm posting as I go. 

Some of this is so random but I like to document.  My family knows pretty well that I love to document any trip or anything fun in life.  Pretty sure anything my niece Brooklyn does that is funny or new for her I have to video it. 

Last Sunday I had to teach in Young Womens.  Which really isn't that bad because I only have to teach for like 20 min. and with the way things are set up I only teach once a month.  But the topic was so random..."Avoid Crisis Living".  Um sure let me just talk on that for like a half hour by repeating myself, "Plan really well, buy a planner, make goals." What else is there to really talk about?  So I was frustrated because it wasn't an in depth topic and it was right during Christmas so I really wanted to do a Christmas lesson.  All week I though of ways to make my lesson cute and somehow make it "Christmasy".  And this is what I came up with!

It's a Christmas ornament! I just took a red shatterproof ornament and hot glued peppermints onto it and then added the ribbon bow.  Ha ha! This is how I tied it into the lesson... To avoid crisis living you need to have a plan and have steps to accomplish your goals... just like how I made this ornament.  It took about 3 steps to creat it.  Pah!
But it was fun to decorate for my lesson with christmas stuff.  There is just a really good "mood" with anything Christmas around ya know.  This is how it looked. 

Next fun event: Last week we had our December bunco at Bryndy's house.  Way fun! It is always so good to see those girls.  I am such an advocate for bunco because it's once a month so you know you will see your friends no matter how busy life gets, the girls in it are so fun and kind, you basically gamble ha ha, I just like to lean more towards it being a fun game. And you get fed! Love it.  This is from the last bunco with half of the group.

My little niece Kapri turned 2! Her birthday was Dec. 9 and KT through her a party on that Sat. the 10th. It was so much fun and cool to see her pictures from the past 2 years. 

(Seriously can I look this good after having 2 kids please!)
KT is an amazing scrapbooker, party planner, mom, cook, decorator etc etc etc.  I was blown away at how details she got with Kapri's birthday.  Very Impressive. It's been so fun to see Kapri grow up for the past 2 years and get to know her.  She is super energetic.  You can always expect her to make you laugh.  She has these piercing blue eyes.  My dad always calls them piercing becuase they are soooo blue. She is a very loving little girl who gives great hugs and always says thank you.  My favorite memory of Kapri right now is how she always tells you what's up.  For example, "Uncle Deery (for Davis), come ere".  (meaning davis come here now ha ha) She is a hoot!

                                  I borrowed these from KT's blog cause they are just so Kapri. 

Can't forget about baby Zuri.  Oh she is a sweetheart. 

Then I had my family over for a sunday dinner this past sunday becuase we are going to New York with the Warnocks on Friday for a whole week! (yeah that will be its own post). So I wanted to see them before and my mom let me borrow her Christmas China with her cute Christmas glasses. It looked really pretty.

And Ashlee made THE best dessert.  Holy cow.  She found the recipe on Pinterest (of course everything super cute comes from pinterest) and this is her beautiful creation.

Um hello my new best friend! People meet: the ultimate frozen milky way!

She left the extras with me at my house and there were like 5 of them left over.... are there still 5 left over... nope.... I'd rather not talk about it k.