Saturday, December 7, 2013

Random Cute Pictures of Lexi

Yeah call me one of those moms that is proud of her kid ha ha.  All of these are random pictures I have taken on my phone but they are just fun.

 Lexi's friend Olivia Stewart, they didn't love that we were taking pictures of them at first but they got over it and held hands :)

Heading to Grandpa Dick's funeral, her little black dress was so sweet.

 Random outfit but so cute!

Thanksgiving 2013

We had Thanksgiving with Davis's family during the first part of the day which was so much fun and great to be with all of our family.  It's especially fun right now because my sister in law had her baby 3 weeks before lexi, his name is Dublin.  He is such a yummy chunk and we took some cute pictures of them together and yes we pulled a fast one on them and stuffed them into these oversized stocking Diane has and took some pictures.  They were classic!

Later that night we went to my family party but didn't get any pictures because Lexi had a massive melt down.  I think she got overwhelmed by the size of the crowd and all the noise so our visit was short lived but still fun to see the whole family.

 Jensen and I attempting to settle the two crying babies down for the picture
 Well worth it this is classic ha ha.  They are so cute :)

Lexi's Story

On Monday 11.11.13 Davis and I were watching “The Voice” and I was sitting on the ground while he was rubbing my neck and back.  So randomly I felt like I peed my pants, it as like a small gush of water.  So I said, Hm that was weird.  And then I leaned forward and another gush came and I yelled Davis! I think my water just broke!  So as I'm running to the bathroom by my kitchen it really gushed and soaked my pants.  It was so cool!  Which might sound so weird but I didn’t think I would get to experience having my water break and I did!  Totally not like the movies portray it though.

I was officially 4 days past my due date.  But I do wonder about my real due date because it was originally 11.13.13 and they moved it up to 11.8.13.  So who knows if I was really 4 days late or just 1 day early.  Anyway! We drove to the hospital and we were both calling our families freaking out that it was actually happening.  We got checked into the hospital at 8:40pm and I was only dilated to a 2 but since my water broke they had to keep me there.  So we get into our room and my mom and dad came and stayed until like 11pm.  They said I wouldn't have the baby until 11 am the next day so dad was like Lis we are going home.  Ha ha mom was so bummed cause she brought a blanket and her pillow... of course only mom right ha ha. So they left and we just chilled.  They would come in and check me like every hour to see how I progressed.  They put me on pitocin right when I got admitted so my contractions started right from the get go and man were they painful.  I only lasted 3 contractions before I asked to have an epidural.  Holy crap that thing hurt like the dickens!  I nearly bounced off the bed cause she didn't let my numbing shots set in before doing the big epidural needle and so I totally felt it.  Worst feeling ever.  And they make you grab your knees and arch your back like a cat would.  So your spine is 100% exposed to this massive needle.  Ugh I can't even remember it cause it makes me feel it all over again.  Gross nasty ew ha ha.  So at about 2 in the morning I was dilated to a 7 and then at like 3 they came in because I was having contractions like a minute apart which was putting stress on lexi.  So they gave me this shot that slowed down the process.  It didn't work very fast and I went from a 7 to a 9 in like 15 minutes.  So they really watched me close.  I started to get a fever too at about this time so they started me on antibiotics.  Finally around 6 am I was dilated to a 10 and the pushing started.  Holy biggest work out of my life.  The way they made me push was by holding my breath, trying to do a crunch and holding it while they counted to 10.  I was like, MY HELL COUNT FASTER!  They had to put me on Oxygen too to help Lexi because her heart rate was all over the place.  I pushed until 6:57 am and then she was born! Her birthday is 11.12.13 isn't that so cute! She was a whopping 9 lbs.  

Then came the scary part.  When Dr Enlgand pulled her out I didn’t hear anything.  I kept thinking “Hm… maybe they just need to spank her to get her crying”.  Then he plopped her down on my gut and she was arching her back way big and her mouth was wide open as if she was crying really hard but no sound came out…. Just gargling sounds.  I will never forget that sound.  I just sat there and starred at her sort of in shock at what was happening to my brand new baby.  It took the nursing team 2 seconds before they grabbed her and started suctioning her.  As I was getting taken care of I just sat there and watched as they worked on her.  It’s never good when you see one nurse give another nurse a look of nervousness.  They had her on CPAP right away.  They took her to the nursery and Davis went with them.  Of course the nurse tried to explain that they were just taking her away to help her and look into why her Oxygen levels were dropping and she acted all nonchalant about it.  And I’m like, Yeah girlfriend I am not an idiot I’ve been around the medical field long enough to know there is something really wrong.

I didn't get to see her until like 9 am.  She looked awful.  She still had all the gross stuff all over her and had a nasal canula in.  She was so swollen and just looked limp and was really struggling for air.  She didn’t have a normal cry until later that day.  It was so sad.  She had swallowed and inhaled amniotic fluid and Meconium.  She struggled to get a full breath all day on the 12th.  At like 5pm Dr Duffy came into check in with us before he went home.  He prepared us for her needing to be transferred to a NICU if she didn’t do well through the night.  I knew that was coming anyway, I just wasn’t emotionally prepared for it.  But he also said that he didn’t really think she needed it and he wanted her to be able to pick herself back up and fight through it.   For the rest of the night on the 12th we just had visitors and would go see her in the nursery.  I didn’t get to see her a ton so I didn’t know how good or bad she really was doing. 

So this is the shortened version from here on out.... at 1:30am that night (so technically we are now into the 13th) we were praying together and during the prayer I started crying.  I just had this overwhelming feeling of missing her and a feeling of being cheated of all the cool things with a new born baby like skin to skin time and having the baby in the room with you.    After Davis finished the prayer I asked him to go check on her one more time because I had an uneasy feeling and I had to know how she was before I fell asleep.  Well he left and didn't come back for over an hour.  We knew the whole time that there was a possibility that she would be transferred to the NICU at IMC.  When he came back into the room around 3 am he was crying.  I could tell he had been crying hard for a longer amount of time too.  The news he had for me was that she wasn't doing well, she couldn't breath and was declining fast.  She also was showing signs of an infection but the results wouldn't show for 48 hours with what type of infection it was.  So his news when he came back was that she was being life flighted to the IMC on 5300 south and would be in the NICU.  Life flight was already on their way.  The sad part about all of it was that Davis had to fight for our poor little girl's life.  They didn't want to transfer her, they wanted to keep her there for 3 days and see if she could get through it on her own.  As the mom that really hurts my heart cause I know she could've died if we let them do that.  I have never been so grateful for Davis and his ability to listen to the spirit and do what he thought was right.  He made the nurse call the doctor that was on call at home to wake him up and come in and look at her so we could show him that she was declining.  Anyway, when life flight came they talked to us and wheeled her into my room so I could say good bye.  The head nurse said we did the right thing and made the right decision because she was on her way to tanking.  Ugh it just gives me the chills knowing she was doing that bad. So she was admitted to the NICU at 5am on Wednesday the 13.  I was determined to get let go early from the hospital so I didn't take any pain meds.  I would only let them give me ibuprofen.  So the day after having my baby I went home ha ha crazy right!  It's amazing how your adrenaline can pump when you know your child is in danger.  The story from here on out gets pretty normal, she did the usual NICU thing that our family have seen so many times.  She had to be on oxygen because she got pneumonia from inhaling all the fluids. She also got a blood infection called Strep B.  One of the NICU nurses told us it is a very lethal infection if it isn't caught in a timely manner.  Dr Duffy also said later that if I had delivered her at home like with a midwife type of thing that she would have died because she wouldn’t have had antibiotics in time.  What is crazy is I tested negative when I did get my test done so sometime in the last month I developed Strep B and she got it when she was pushed out.  So sad.  She was in the NICU for 10 days and was released to us on the 23rd!  She is so precious and I love her more than I can describe to you.  I don’t wish a NICU stay upon anyone with a new baby but for once I was beyond grateful for the NICU.  Having her at the Riverton Hospital was awesome but they don’t have a NICU and that was scary for us.  When we heard she would be life flighted we both felt so relieved because we knew the NICU nurses and doctors would save her life and get her healthy.  Excuse the overload of pictures but it was just a really cool and trying experience. 

Having a baby is the craziest thing I’ve ever gone through.  I love her more than I can describe.   I miss her more than I have missed anyone besides my husband.  Like she will nap for 3 hours and by the 3rd hour I am ready for her to wake up cause I miss her active cute personality.  I think she is beautiful and I honestly would say if she was funny lookin ha ha my poor child.  I want the best for her always and want her to be happy and healthy.  Bring on motherhood!

Officially a Warnock with that skull bow

 The day we got to take her home!!!