Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We had Thanksgiving with Davis's family during the first part of the day which was so much fun and great to be with all of our family.  It's especially fun right now because my sister in law had her baby 3 weeks before lexi, his name is Dublin.  He is such a yummy chunk and we took some cute pictures of them together and yes we pulled a fast one on them and stuffed them into these oversized stocking Diane has and took some pictures.  They were classic!

Later that night we went to my family party but didn't get any pictures because Lexi had a massive melt down.  I think she got overwhelmed by the size of the crowd and all the noise so our visit was short lived but still fun to see the whole family.

 Jensen and I attempting to settle the two crying babies down for the picture
 Well worth it this is classic ha ha.  They are so cute :)

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