Thursday, June 23, 2011

And the test says, "Yes you are Pregnant"

Wow!!!! To all of those who thought it was me that was already pregnant! 
Yes I may act like I am......
Yes I may look like I am....
but NO NO NO...............
Now if this post was really about me being pregnant then you see, Davis would be running for his life as I'm chasing him down the street... with a knife.... a BIG knife.
Oh Davis I Love you dear.  :)

So No, I am NOT pregnant but someone else is.....


The oldest sister in our family of four girls is cookin a bun in the oven!!! Yes congrats Meg!!

Megan told our whole family last night June 22 that she will be having a baby that is due Feb. 27th.  So far everything is looking good and her doctor says she's good to go! 
To this beautiful couple:
Davis and I are so happy for you.  This couldn't be a more fun thing to happen to you and we can't wait to celebrate it for you and with you!!!!  We were all taking bets the other day on what you will have and mom of course says a baby girl but everyone else is betting on a baby boy!  Either way we can't wait to love baby bland and spoil him/her rotten.  We love you two so much and can't wait to meet the new addition to your family in Feb. 
                                      xoxo- The Warnocks 

See! You are experts already!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mr. and Mrs.

Well it's official!  We're married!!! Woo yea woo yea woo!  It's been a month since we got married... yeah someone is slow at blogging.  Whoops!  Anyway we had the most amazing wedding dinner and wedding day.  The wedding dinner was up at the Montage in Deer Valley.  Thanks to my new in-laws for all they did.  It was a beautiful set up and the food was amazing.  The speakers did awesome too.  We each chose a friend and a sibling to speak, then our parents and then we were last.  So it went Aubrey, Luke, Megan, Jensen and then the parentals.  It couldn't have gone better.  And thanks to all those who came!

Then we woke up early on Wed. to get hitched, ah!  We drove together and we both couldn't stop laughing the whole way to the temple.  So we got to the temple and did our thing and at about 12:15 we were officially a Mr. and Mrs.  I'm a picture person so I'd rather tell the story through pictures than typing until I get gray hair.  But here are some of the fun details:
Wedding Dinner at The Montage
Got sealed forever at 11:40
Became a Mrs. officially at like 12:15
13 Bridesmaids & 15 Groomsan
3 baby cute nieces in Little Black Dresses
Partied until 9:30 and then took off the the Grand America!

And we're living happily ever after :)