Thursday, July 19, 2012

July's Activities

We have had a way fun couple of weeks lately.  It blows my mind how fast the summer flies.  Especially when you are having fun. I was going to have pictures of our house be my next post but we are actually only like 2 weeks away from closing so I figured it can wait.  The house has been such a fun process! It's kind of a bitter sweet thing to have it be almost done.  Call me crazy I know but it really is fun to see the house you designed slowly come together.  I love the colors we picked and all that... ok shut up already whit. Don't want to spoil the fun pics!

So we went up to Davis's condo in PC one weekend with our friends the Stewarts and Sivertsons to go mountain biking and shopping and all that great Park City stuff.  It was seriously such a fun weekend.  Mostly becuase our friends are such a blast.  We had a great time biking, eating, laughing, playing games and talking talking talking! Love this group!

Then we went to Island Park for the 4th of July with our family which was so much fun! We stayed in this gorgeous cabin on Bill's Island and went boating, four wheeling and walking... all the fun mountain stuff. They had a 4th of july parade on Bills Island and then had one later that night for the boats which was pretty cool.  The parade on the island ended up being just the Warnock 4th of july parade... little did we know they held the parade like 3 days earlier.  But we still got festivized and went around the loop to show all the cabins how cool we were! 

 Then we decorated the boat with red, white and blue lights and went on the lake for the boat parade.  At like 10 pm they did a huge firework show over the lake which was so awesome.

 Classic Zuir facial expression

Then we went to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful because I had never seen it. And of course there were some massive buffalo along the way.

 Davis has some serious hair goin right now.  But my man is just flippin sexy.  Heck he could be bald and still look hot!

Then we went on a four wheelin ride that was literally an all day activity.  Probably because we got lost and ended up on a highway with speeds of 65mph.  It was really funny and made for a great memory.