Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Melba Toast

Time for an update on our little melba toast.  I sometimes call her that cause when me and my mother in law were figuring out names she came up with that winner ha ha.  I had my 20 week ultrasound last week even though I was only 19 weeks. Today I met with Dr. England to go over everything that they found.  Which made it so fun cause our ultrasound tech was an idiot and she didn't tell me anything which I know they aren't supposed to but she pushed way hard on the baby which really hurt so I just didn't love her after that appointment.  Luckily it wasn't even at my hopsital so I still love all the people at my hospital.  So anyways here is what we found....

-She is definitely a girl! Woo woo
-I am farther along than they thought(I knew this day would come ha ha!)  I am a week ahead of what they thought.  So my new due date is NOVEMBER 8.  Love it.
-She is breech.  That is how all little ones are this early so that didn't really matter
-My placenta is in a good position, meaning it is not in front so I will really be able to start feeling her more in the next month.

They didn't find anything alarming or out of place which is so comforting.  I am just so glad that she is healthy and comfortable in there.  The worst thing was when we went to fetal foto to find out the gender and they had to poke her to get her to move so she would open her legs.  They didn't poke hard at all but it made her mad and she would kick out her legs and arch her back because she didn't like it.  Ha ha so lame to feel bad over but I felt so bad for her! Mama bear already?  Shoot.  I swear I'm not a crazy over protective person  ha ha anyways all is well in the tummy so we can just keep on truckin. 

Now to be real... I have gained so much weight.  Freak man! I was doing so good up until this appointment.  I've gained 22 pounds ha ha and you are only supposed to gain like 25-30 in a pregnancy according to my doc.  Well great I am for sure going to tip the scale.  So no more onion rings and fry sauce? Damn.  Just kidding I really should eat healthier.  I have been sick the whole pregnancy so I actually stayed at a pretty healthy weight until now cause I am not as sick as often.  I really only get sick once every week and sometimes it goes to every other week. But lets get real hommies! You shouldn't try to control weight when you are pregnant.  Well I mean don't go off the chain and eat donuts and fried foods all day long but like you are going to gain weight when pregnant and as long as that baby is healthy that is all that maters.  So me and my "i like big butts"  behind will just keep on doing what needs to be done and try and be as healthy as possible.  Can't promise I am divorcing the onion rings though. :)

Here is my 19 week pic and my now 20 weeks and 4 days pic.

19 weeks

20 weeks and 4 days.  (every day counts!)